38 Maps that explain Europe

As a lover of maps, I came across a genglish-eureat web site which uses cartography to perfectly describe what geography is all about – the linkages between place, people, history and culture, and natural resource: 38 Maps that explain Europe.  Its an American site, so perhaps a rather American view of Europe, but interesting never-the-less.  If you think you know of a map which should be there, please add it via a comment to this post.  There are also sister-sites which include 40 maps that explain World War I and 40 maps that explain the Middle East.


New Year – New Students

A new university year begins with a healthy intake of students into the four degree programmes which now comprise our GIS cluster; namely GIS (taught), GIS (research), GIS & Archaeology and our new Earth Observation & Geoinformation Management programme. With last year’s students having finished a few weeks ago and now actively gaining employment, we have thirty new students in these programmes.  Keeping ahead, changes include a new course on Business Geographics.