Edinburgh Students visit Greenwich

Fifteen of the Edinburgh GIS students were in Greenwich (London) between 29th March and the 1st April, along with staff members Bruce Gittings and William Mackaness for the annual GIS research UK (GISRUK) conference.  The students enjoyed the mix of formal conference sessions, social events and the networking opportunity, together with the chance to see some of London.  The student group are encouraged to attend the event through a conference grant, and a good time was had by all.  Inspirational keynote lectures were given by Prof Ross Purves of the University of Zurich in Edinburgh (who had previously been a lecturer on the GIS programme in Edinburgh), Prof Nye Parry (Guildhall School of Music and Drama) and Jeremy Morley Chief Geospatial Scientist at the Ordnance Survey (the UK National Mapping Agency). 35 other presentations were included in the conference.gisruk 2016b