Geographer Royal for Scotland

Professor Charles Withers

It was announced this afternoon by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and the Scottish Government that our own Professor Charles Withers will serve as Geographer Royal for Scotland – a post that has been dormant for 118 years but which will provide a national and international ambassador for geography and the geosciences.

The Royal Scottish Geographical Society campaigned to rejuvenate the post at a time when geography is even more important to our understanding of the world and is being challended as a key subject within the Scottish schools curriculum.

Professor Withers is an historical geographer who, amongst many publications and projects, has done excellent work with the National Library of Scotland (NLS) in preserving and digitising historical maps for Scotland including Charting the Nation (1999-2002) and Project Pont (1996-2001), which led directly to the world-leading services now hosted by the NLS that provides historical map layers to geographical information web mapping services.


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