Judging an Eco Hack

Bruce Gittings, Director of GIS Programmes, was asked to help judge the Eco Hackathon run under the auspices of Scotland’s Environment Web on 30th / 31st May. Held in the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, next to the Geography building, the event attracted a number of computer and environmental scientists. Organised by Jo Muse, Olivia Gill and Linda Gallacher of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, teams spent the weekend working on projects such as a phone app to count food miles, another app to a visualise the historic landscape and a web site which integrates environmental data for use in schools. Among the mentors helping the ‘hackers’ was Paul Georgie, a graduate of the Edinburgh GIS programme who now runs his own business using GIS, web technology and UAVs in community development, and Peter McKeague, Database and GIS Project Manager at the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, who is a great supporter of the Edinburgh GIS programme and a regular attendee at the EEO/AGI(S) seminars organised by the GIS group in Edinburgh.  The hackathon organisers hope that this will be the first of a series of events of this kind, which apply the ‘computer hack’ groupwork concept to environmental data.


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