Public acceptance for UAVs ?

A measure of cultural acceptance in Britain is when issues are discussed as part of the storyline in the long-running BBC Radio 4 ‘soap opera’ The Archers.  So it follows that camera-carrying UAVs (or drones as they were referred to in the programme) have definitely become mainstream when they made an appearance on the 7th April episode.

Farmer Charlie Thomas shows Adam Macy drone footage of his estate and was impressed by the quality of the images for assessing areas which had been flooded. Talking to Kate Madikane, Adam explained that it was “not that sort of drone, not armed with missiles” and described using your eyes as “the old fashioned way”.  Kate replied that they were using drones in the Krueger National Park in South Africa to stop poaching but “now they are banned, something to do with the aviation authority getting their knickers in a twist”


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