Edinburgh GIS Students Graduate Today

Thursday marks the graduation of the latest group of students who have gained an M.Sc. from the University of Edinburgh.  Twenty-nine students graduate with their Masters either in Geographical Information Science or Geographical Information Science & Archaeology. We pass on our congratulations to all of them!  An exceptional number of students gained their degree with distinction and two prize-winners are of particular note. Prizes are presented by Informed Solutions, a leading Cheshire-based information systems consultancy, who maintain a valued long-term relationship with the GIS group at the University.

Sarah Beadle was awarded prize for best dissertation for her study of “The Application of Cluster Analysis to Investigate Multivariate Spatial Patterns in Belizean Lowland Savanna Soils“, in which she brought together for the first time data from four previous but partial soil surveys of the country and applied clustering methods to enable a first national assessment of the differences in soil fertility and therefore agricultural suitability across the country.

Sarah shared the dissertation prize with Ryland Karlovich, whose dissertation entitled “Integrating Climate Information into the Gazetteer for Scotland” used the statistical package ‘R’ to compute realistic long-term average climate information for all towns listed in the Gazetteer for Scotland, for which previously only the largest towns had information about their weather and climate. This information now makes a valued addition to the Gazetteer website.

Seth Finegan of Informed Solutions said “we are very pleased to be involved with the GIS programme in Edinburgh.  The prizes we have presented today reflect both the quality of the work and the excellent students which Edinburgh has a reputation for producing”

Chair of the Exam Boards Dr Neil Stuart commented “these two dissertations were both excellent illustrations of how our students use GIS analysis to produce genuinely new and highly relevant information through their independent project work.  Both projects built on top of excellent work done by our previous students, showing the value of pursuing established lines of GIS research for which Edinburgh is well known, while letting our students develop their individual creativity.”


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