Edinburgh GIS Student Conference

Wednesday 2nd April saw the Edinburgh GIS students involved in a conference where        tImagehey presented their dissertation ideas and research progress thus-far to an audience of their peers, lecturers and visitors, including staff from EDINA and Repsol. This marked the end of the taught component of the GIS programme for most of the students, with work on their dissertations moving from part-time to full-time, through until completion in mid-August. The conference was organised into seven sessions, their titles illustrating the breadth of topics: Tools, Energy, Conservation & Natural Resources, Spatial Analysis, Location-Based Services, Data Integration and Remote Sensing. The talks were assessed as part of the students Research Practice and Project Planning course and a prize was offered to the best. Such was the quality of the presentations that staff had a difficult decision, but decided the winner was Ryland Karlovich, for his talk entitled “Integrating Climate Information into the Gazetteer for Scotland“.

Programme Director Bruce Gittings said “It was a great day. The students put a lot of effort in and presented their ideas very professionally.”  Carol Blackwood from EDINA said “I was very impressed with the standard of the talks”.


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