New MSc in Earth Observation & Geoinformation Management starts September 2014

The University of Edinburgh has a approved a new MSc programme in Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management which will begin in September 2014. This programme sits alongside our world-leading MSc in GIS and draws on a critical mass of staff and significant research expertise in the area of earth observation and remote sensing. Uniquely in the UK, this new Masters programme is designed to build on Edinburgh’s work in GIS by combining the science of earth observation with the challenge of managing and analysing spatial data.  With the range of international Earth observation research, it will also encompass an outward-looking and international perspective. The degree comes with strong support from leading figures in industry in government, recognising that the application of space technologies, including earth observation, is a fundamental component of economic growth with the UK government predicting 20,000 news space industry jobs by 2030, the vast majority in applying the technology and using the data collected. Prof. Iain Woodhouse, who will serve as Programme Director said “this is an important new programme which will provide graduates with very employable skills. It builds on Edinburgh’s considerable expertise in GIS and meets a clear demand in terms of  processing and managing large volumes of data available from satellite and air-borne sensors, including the exciting new area of UAVs”


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