Some of you might know that I like to grind an axe over the deprofessionalisation of science. Just as I wouldn’t ask one of my GIS students to pull out my sore tooth, or go to the nearest pub when I need a medical problem diagnosed, I have similar worries about projects like Open Street Maps or Wiki****a (can’t even bring myself to type the word!).  As an alternative to professional reference editing, Wiki****a brings bad research together with opinion and gives a here-today-gone-tomorrow cesspit of pseudo-facts over-used in student essays. It discourages academics from popularising their work because it is a massive plagiariser, which rarely credits sources. It is amusing that one of my 2012 GIS students is credited with the invention of a notable GIS data structure, which was actually conceived several years before he was born.  Anyway, to return to the point, we expect poorly-researched articles from the tabloid press, but this one tickled me – the Sun (that paragon of journalistic integrity) seems to have confused the gamer geeks (see my earlier post) with reality and become convinced a cybernetic eyeball is reality, rather than just a figment of a computer-gamers imagination!  Probably got its facts from Wiki****a.


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