EEO-AGI Scotland Seminar Review : Dr Gesche Schmid : 27th Sep

Dr Gesche Schmid visited the University of Edinburgh on Friday 27th of September to give a presentation on the value of geospatial data in local services. Schmid presented the challenges that hinder local governments and demonstrated how geospatial data can help tackle these challenges and save time and money.

Geographical information can improve local services, emergency planning, carbon emission cuts, and sustainable environmental management. There are several organisations which allow accessibility and sharing of spatial data; Ordnance Survey, OS Open Data, INSPIRE, etc. In particular, INSPIRE has many European regulations which define standards for data storing related to the environment. This will eventually lead to a large European database and thus more transparency.

Dr Schmid ended her presentation with a forward looking view of geospatial services and concluded that there will be more demand, more user-centric applications, common linkable standards, and seamless open data services in the future.

— Liann Rafter and Maud van Haeren
(MSc in GIS at University of Edinburgh)

Further information on the EEO-AGI Scotland Seminar Series


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